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Episkopi is a village of mixed population in the Lemesos (Limassol) district. Is is situated about 14 km west of the city of Limassol and 40 km east of Pafos, linked by a modern intercity highway. Most of the village comes under the jurisdiction of the British base of Akrotiri-Episkopi. Episkopi is built on the foothills of ancient Kourion with a fertile plain stretching to the south, at an altitude of 60 meters, close to the west bank of the river Kouris and overlooking the bay of Kourion. Archaeological findings, unearthed through the entire area, reveal that during the ancient times Episkopi was connected to the city of Kourion. During the first century AD, Episkopi succeeded Kourion as a regional centre and a seat of bishops. The seat was removed during the Frankish period (after 1222) when the Orthodox Episcopal seats of the island were reduced from 14 to 4.
De Mas Latrie says that in the 13th century Episkopi belonged to the aristocratic family of John D' Imbelin, Count of Giaffa. During the 14th and 15th century, the village was known under the name of La Piscopia dei Cornari (The Cornaros Episcopate) and belonged to the Cornaro family from which the last Queen of Cyprus, Catherine Cornaro, descended. The King of Cyprus Peter gave the Episcopate to the Cornaro family as a gift.

Visit the churches/chapels of Ayia Paraskevi and Ayios Ermogenis , the Curium Museum, Visit the ancient town of Curium and the historical Temple of Apollon and ancient stadium,Go for swimming and cycling along the coastline. Follow the Nature Trail of Apollona Ipsilatis.

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